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STMS's Future

Outdoor Classroom


An outdoor classroom will enrich our current students' learning and foster a stronger sense of community within our school. Imagine a space where students can immerse themselves in hands-on, experiential learning, surrounded by the beauty of nature. This outdoor haven will provide a dynamic environment that complements our indoor classrooms, encouraging creativity, exploration, and holistic development.

Outdoor Classroom Donate

Please Donate Today!

The Biggest Fundraiser of the '23-'24 School Year:


Electives: 263
Science: 158
Math: 153
World Language: 108
Social studies 100
English: 106
Sped: 46

 Highest Sellers:  
Hannah Hampton: 46 tickets. Total raised: $1,150
Axel Matlib: 40 tickets. Total raised: $1k
Galen Easton: 40 tickets. Total raised: $1k
Sofia Moore: 40 tickets. Total raised: $1k

 We Appreciate YOU! 

Outdoor Classroom Construction Process

The STMS Outdoor Classroom Project will be funded entirely through fundraising events and donations from our valued community members. STMS supports learning beyond the us provide more places for learning! 

This project will be built in several phases:

Phase 1

Phase 1 will consist of installing a large shade structure roughly covering an area of 50' x 70'. This will allow full classes to utilize the space in a more comfortable indirect sunlight setting.


Phase 1 Shade Structure Installation will
take place in early November 2023. Photos to come!

Phase 2

Phase 2 will be the installation of ground cover and workstations. The pavers were donated by Sunburst Landscaping. Permanently fixed benches/tables/workstations to be installed.


Phase 2 Paver Installation will begin in late November 2023 once Phase I is complete. Photos to come!

Phase 3

Phase 3 will consist of decorative elements such as planter boxes and landscaping along with the installation of misters and lighting.


Help Us Reach Our Goal!


Dream Outdoor Classroom Concept:


Thank you to these companies for their generous direct donation!


STMS Outdoor Classroom

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